Wildernis / Jord de Wilde

I'm an animator who specialises in 3D/motion design for commercial projects.  Some of my projects have reached millions. I have a passion for creating new styles and keep challenging myself by working on distinctive projects. Making my work functional, clean and understandable is part of my core and what I try to portray in everything I produce.

What can I do for you

Motion Graphics  Wildernis offers concept, design & creation of high-end motion graphics.

3D Animation  From idea to storyboard to production, Wildernis provides all steps in the production pipeline.

Post Production  Wildernis provides grading, titles and poster design.

MXF Mastering  Wildernis can deliver your audiovisual project for television and cinema.

Animated 360-Video For use on Meta Quest 2, Samsung Gear and HTC Vive devices.

360-Video Post Production Wildernis provides titles and visual effects for your 360-Video.

How to hire me

I do 3D and motion design at my own workplace. I work with After Effects 2023, Cinema4D 2023, Octane render and Redshift renderer. My rate is depending on the project and is to be discussed before any work is being done. We'll set a meeting in real life or meet through phone, Teams, Google Meet, mail or through the contact form below.

Please complete the contact form below if you have any inquiries or questions. I try to reply within 24 hours.